Location: Underway for Monaco

This morning we had a lovely warm oatmeal breakfast followed by a morning marine biology class. We learned about the different types of fish and ocean life found in the Mediterranean. The strangest thing I learned was that there is a type of fish here that lives inside the body of sea cucumber for protection. After that, we had shore time. While many searched for a Laundromat on shore, others decided to do it by hand on the deck in buckets of saltwater with detergent and a fresh rinse. For lunch, we had the option to stay onshore or come back to Argo for a delicious salad bar. I must say, it was probably the best salad I’ve eaten in a long time. Afterward, we prepared to sail to Monaco, our next destination. The ocean was very calm, and we were sailing into the wind, but we decided to raise the sails anyway for practice. For dinner, our chefs cooked us some delicious pesto pasta, as the region we were in is famous for its pesto. We will arrive in Monaco tomorrow morning, meaning tonight is our first overnight passage. I’m sure our watch teams will be looking forward to the 2 AM wake-ups that are involved in the passage. We are all excited about it and cant wait to get to our next destination!