Location: Portovenere, Italy

The Agro crew got its first music wake up today with good success. It seems that everyday bring a more beautiful sunrise, which felt much deserved after our coldest night on Argo. Breakfast was freshly baked coffee cake and eggs, which with a little help from hot sauce made it the best breakfast so far. We packed lunched, for hike between the towns of Cinque Terre. We were able to see four towns starting in Monterosso and ending in Riomaggiore. While hiking from town to town we met a plethora of other travelers from Germans to Australians. Each seemed to have smiling faces and jaws that quickly dropped when they saw 24 students passing them. We made it back for a late shower and delicious dinner. We celebrated Emily’s birthday with some chocolate cake in the company of fishes that enjoyed our crumbs. Tomorrow we look forward to our first night sail with Boomer as captain.

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