Location: Low Isles

At approximately two o’clock this morning, I was rudely awakened by my roommate stepping on me. He was coming back from the first-night watch of the long voyage. Then later that morning, around 6 am, Simon, woke me up and told me I was captain. I thought to myself, why would you wake me up this early, then it sank in. I am the captain for the day. We set sail right after breakfast. It went very well. The crew did a much better job putting up the sails than yesterday. I think they are getting the hang of things pretty fast. We also started class which was an awakening for me and probably the rest of the crew that this is not a tropical vacation. The classes are Marine Biology and Oceanography. The instructors are very enthusiastic about teaching us these courses. We ended up anchoring at a very interesting place called Low Isles. It is small and has a small lighthouse on the island. We had a delicious dinner of lasagna, but the cleanup crew had a tough time cleaning all the pots and pans. The day is coming to an end here, and the crew is becoming quite close to one another.