Location: En route to Spain

This evening we say our goodbyes to the sight of land as our time in the Azores already reaches its’ end. We’re also saying goodbye to the sound of the birds singing, the wind in the trees, delicious fresh fruit and veggies, and of course, the wifi! I’m sure all of you reading have greatly enjoyed hearing from your long-lost sons, daughters, friends, and relatives who’ve embarked on this trip of a lifetime.

A brief visit it may have been to this volcanic island but the Shipmates have achieved a lot; hiked Mount Pico, bought snacks, visited a whale museum, bought more snacks, explored lava caves, and just for a change of pace, bought some ‘just in case’ snacks! The Nutella, peanut butter, and coffee consumption on this vessel must be breaking records (At least for any vessel in the Atlantic Ocean right now)!

I also had a little time to wonder and wander on the island. I made myself a wonderful packed lunch including as much fruit as possible, carrots (my favorite veggie), and fresh bread rolls, explored the beautiful green rolling fields and forests inland, and marveled at the juxtaposition of the harsh and stark volcanic coastline. Being from the Uk myself, I have also relished the slightly wetter weather, the chillier evenings, and the feeling of wearing a cozy jumper (sweater) and I am so looking forward to being in mainland Europe again! Among other observations, the Shipmates have already noticed how ‘tiny’ European fruit is in comparison to the US, where apples are so big, if you’re not careful, it’ll eat you before you eat it!

Our new voyage starts out with new Watch Teams too. Myself and Leoni will now be blessed with what will hopefully be the ever positive and uplifting personalities of Savanna, Wyatt, Case, Anna, Josh, Ale, Alexa, and Fitz, who I’m sure will not be tired and grumpy at all when we wake them up in 7 hours for their 4 am watch! Let us all hope that the snack supplies last for the next 12 days or I dread to think what could happen!

In loving memory of my old watch team, I’ve included some of my favorite photos from our final watch prior to arriving in the Azores, as we saw land for the first time and all wore our bedsheets as togas for absolutely no reason other than ‘why not’! I wonder what ridiculous ‘get-ups’ I can convince my new watch team to wear!

For squeeze this evening I asked what weather phenomenon or celestial being are you. Anna said she’d be a rainbow which if you know her, is highly accurate! I said I’d be a special type of sea fog that hugs the cliffs of a coastline. Unlike land fog, sea fog is not dissipated by wind. It moves only as the air mass as a whole, moves. This can sometimes create a beautiful fog out to sea whose outline is the perfect puzzle piece to the land by which it was formed. I feel like a sea fog, going out to sea but shaped by the home I came from.

Wish us fair winds and following seas for our passage to Spain. We’re all missing home very much. Huge shout out to my beautiful family Mum, Dad and Chloe. I love you more than words x x x

Photo 1: Me enjoying our Toga party
Photo 2: A beautiful view from Faial Island
Photo 3: Calum taking inspiration from these cheerful umbrellas in the streets of Horta
Photo 4: The beautiful blue waters and volcanic cliffs of the Azores
Photo 5: Myself, Alexa, and Ines worshipping Anna in our Togas
Photo 6: Ines having a private moment with a spoonful of peanut butter
Photo 7: Watch team 3 (mark #1) seeing land for the first time