Location: Mossel Bay, South Africa

Our day started at 7 am as we ate eggs and bacon provided by Ian. We got ready for our day to explore Mossel Bay. We started by taking a cold walk to a small shark lab with Alex and Mimi, which was filled with a few small tanks of fish, octopus, and two sharks. We also started thinking about different ways we (as humans) could start diminishing the impacts of interactions with sharks. However, we truly experienced wildlife when Ethan, Sam, and I were attacked by seagulls. After that, we all split up and had some free time walking around the town, eating food, and going into shops. Most people came back early to finish our last ever Oceanography assignment, which is due tomorrow morning. We all soon were back to the boat to have pork and buttered pasta for dinner. For the Squeeze, we talked about our biggest fears, and now we are cleaning up so we can start our second to last class ever on Argo.

Goodnight, readers, Sam. O will bring you tomorrow’s updates.