Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island, BVI

I arose at 7 am to awaken the crew, only to find when I came on deck, Britt was “lost” scuba diving. This initiated a shenanigan (code word for rescue diver drill). Laura and I quickly woke Sven and Kirsten, and the 3 of us proceeded to “save” Britt, who was “unconscious and not breathing” 20 feet underwater. We finished just in time for breakfast, which was good because our shenanigans drill made us very hungry. After breakfast, we had cleanup as normal, and then our OCE final. After several grueling hours of testing (closer to 45 minutes..), we had time to start packing up our things before lunch. In the afternoon, we had more time to pack and relax before sorting out dive gear and giving the cap rails a good scrub down and oiling. Swimming and shower time followed before dinner. Our leftover food issue was solved by having a seagull buffet, one got a little too close and ended up in pasta sauce. Cleanup followed before our big finale, closing program night!