Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

This morning our sous chef Dre helped me wake everyone up by setting off the fire alarm. After our fire drill, we had chocolate chip pancakes. After clean-up, we launched the dinghies and headed to shore for a tour of St. Vincent. Sam, our tour guide, gave us a bus tour.

First, stop being the grocery store where we all stocked up on snacks and other necessities before our upcoming passage to Bonaire. We stopped at Kingstown harbor to enjoy the view. Followed by the Pirates of the Caribbean Dock, where we got to see the location where they filmed and some of the sets that were used in the movie. For lunch, we had all packed sandwiches before we left and had a little picnic on the beach.

Sam also showed us a lot of the agriculture of the island, which included learning about a lot of the local trees like mango, banana, and nutmeg. Most of it is farmed in a place called Mesopotamia Valley. After our bus tour, we hopped on the dinghies and headed back to our home, Vela. We all took our sunset showers off the boat. Max, Mack, and Dre made us shepherd’s pie for dinner, and we all loved it! My squeeze question tonight was, “what is your lucky number?” with a lot of people saying seven and thirteen. After clean up, we all gathered below deck for an Oceanography quiz and review before our midterm. Overall a pretty successful day!


Photo 1: After our dinghy ride waiting for Sam
Photo 2: Mesopotamia Valley
Photo 3: Sonnet, Maddie, and Mack in the coffins at the Pirates of the Caribbean beach
Photo 4: Everyone back on the bus after lunch
Photo 5: Colm, Mack, Greg, and Andrea taking in the view
Photo 6; The crew with Vela in the background