Location: East London, South Africa

After the previous day of attempting to explore East London and then getting called back due to safety reasons, we found a great, safe place to explore and have time ashore in East London. The first stop was Nahoon Nature Reserve. We split amongst ourselves and explored wherever we desired based on how cool it looked. Some explored sand dunes, and had a relaxing time laying in the sand or walking the scenic boardwalks, while others hopped rock to rock looking at the tide pools. So many coastal creatures were found here that we had learned in Marine Bio, such as sea urchins, shorebirds, and a really cool bubble snail. After peeing on a very elevated scenic position, I saw a large rock structure in the distance and made it my mission to climb to the top. Traversing the round tidal rocks barefoot was super fun, and I found my way up the rock for a beautiful view of the crashing waves. I look to my side in the bushes to find four adorable baby exotic-looking duck species accompanied by their angry mother who quacked at me and almost chased me down the wrong side of the rock, so I let them be.

Lunchtime came by after the narrowly escaped duck fight, and we ate at a local place called the Reef Cafe. The food was very good and had fun names such as Sleezy Cheezy for a normal cheeseburger, a Fat Boy, and a Naughty Salad.

After lunch, we had Jake lead us to one of our favorite activities, it seems (except for Daniel, it seems to be taking a mental toll on him) and added a stop on our South African mall circuit. Continuing the streak of going to a mall at each and every port here, we all spent time shopping and eating ice cream, and most can agree a lot of us spent too much money at Cotton On (a store that is prevalent in the US).

After a long while spent here, we went back home to Vela to have a night out at the dockside Bry across from where we’re anchored. We had a great time socializing with other boat people, one of which what looks like our sister ship Neorion, playing with the random cats al around, and listening to some South African music. Everybody had a great time swapping stories, eating good food, and looking out into the beautiful harbor with all the sailboats moored, or docked that we’ve grown to appreciate.

Time is becoming slight and precious on Vela, but overall, everyone is having a great time, learning new cultures, and growing closer.

Miss and love ya, family, especially my dogs Lacey and Scout. See ya soon