Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

Greetings, friends, and family!
Watching the morning sun begin to reflect off the superyachts and small sailboats that surrounded us, the O-Star crew rallied together for a much needed astounding breakfast of granola and yogurt prepared by chef Josh and sous-chef Tee. The crew ate and cleaned quickly so we could begin the day with the most exciting event, our Marine Biology (OCB) exam, which was to be followed by a mellow day of surfing and napping on the beach. As we departed O-Star for our beach day, I was expecting to be greeted by one of the routine vans that usually take us around the islands and that are always driven by an extremely knowledgeable and quirky guide. Instead, I was surprised to see first mate Eric at the wheel of a fairly small family wagon blasting a curious collection of pop music. Luckily, this music was just perfect for the crew’s daily dose of dance party. As we rounded the bend to see the beach, we would be attempting to surf on my breath was taken away, it was an absolutely astounding sight. A beautiful inlet surrounded by hills dotted in colorful French villas sloping down to a pristine, white sand beach flanked on one side by a resort and the other by a rise of great cliffs. The waves that were coming in broke spectacularly over the coral heads just offshore; however, given our beginner level status on surfboards, we thought it best not to brave the sharp and rocky coral bottom. Arrival on the beach was greeted by a quick rush in several directions. Some off to the mini-mart for their personal “provisions” of the day, some to find the perfect spot to rest their towel and themselves on the beach, and some to the four surfboards we had for the day. I can proudly say I managed to engage in all of these behaviors today (I never realized quite how amazing a needed beach nap could be). After a long day of surfing, the tired and sand-encrusted crew of O-Star made the journey homeward and managed to get quite out of place, walking past the long rows of designer stores in the ever so swanky St. Barth. Climbing back on board, many of us chose to simply hop right back in the water and shower off the surprisingly abundant amount of sand we had managed to accumulate on ourselves. After these showers, we all relaxed into a nice bit of off time (besides the chefs who hurried to prepare dinner). As dinner came around, festivities were quite subdued due to the tired crew. Soon after cleaning up, and more specifically, after I finish this blog, we will all meet in the salon to take our Oceanography (OCE) quiz and then begin the free portion of our night used primarily to sleep, do some homework, or watch a brief movie.
Until next time the rest of the crew and I wish you our best.