Location: Gustavia, St. Barthélemy

Though the crew awoke to grey skies and drizzle, nothing could snuff out their excitement for the day ashore they were about to embark on. A breakfast of eggs, bacon, and fruit cooked by head chef Wallace and sous chef Mark was wolfed down, after which a student leadership (SLS) class was held. Everyone quickly piled into Irv (one of our two dinghies), and we were off into town. Students did everything from sightseeing, walking around the town of Gustavia, to stuff themselves full of savory and dessert crepes, and of course, hunker down to use Wi-Fi and study. The afternoon pickup was met with a few small rain showers, but this was no problem since everyone immediately hopped off Ocean Star to take their ocean showers before dinner. Though everyone had filled up on the delicacies found ashore, they were all delighted to have spaghetti Bolognese for dinner; not without garlic bread, of course. Clean up was done quickly and efficiently, and the students put their nice, clean clothes on to head back into town for a calm night out. Stars could be seen glimmering against the dark of the night sky as everyone returned to Ocean Star to settle in for the night. Tomorrow we get our feet wet (diving!) and keep our fingers crossed for sightings of more amazing marine organisms!