Location: 17,30,9 s ; 02,16,7 w

Coming up on deck this morning, I looked around, and as far as I could see, everything was blue. Still blue. The exact same blue. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think we hadn’t moved in the last week! It’s true; we’re getting really comfortable with life at sea. Not having to pump the head 50 times every time we use the bathroom or not having to hold on to our notebooks during class, so they don’t slide away is considered abnormal for us now. Our weeks no longer consist of weekdays and weekends. Instead, we’ve decided the 20000 to 0000 watch is our Monday, 0000 to 0400 watch is our hump-day, and 0400 to 0800 watch is our Friday. I guess weekends don’t exist when you’re crossing an ocean! We count days by the number of sunsets we’ve seen instead of by date. Life is simple this way, and we are loving it! Simple but far from boring. Maybe its the fact that we’ve only had 112 feet to roam or that a consistent sleep schedule is non-existent that’s bringing out our silly sides. Watch team three is dancing the bachata, Marissa miraculously has an accent now, and Jay could pop out around any corner to give you a scare. Whenever dinner isn’t curry or couscous (we love your curry Tim), it’s meant for a celebration! Watching Blue Planet for marine biology class today- means for a celebration! Like I said, life is simple here, and we’re loving it. We’re learning to turn every simple pleasure into a grand event and to take nothing for granted. If these little things stir up such a party, I can’t even imagine the insanity that will ensue when we reach St. Helena in two days!

We took the fruit of the day for granted at first. Now we miss it dearly. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk – The S/Y Argo crew officially challenges you to a duel. First, to deliver us fresh fruit wins.

Also hello rommies:)