Location: MD

With the usual wake up of 7 am we were well prepared for the Mount Qua Qua hike. We ate breakfast and packed our lunch, and then took turns getting driven onto shore by the dinghies. With in the first hour of being on land, I got hungry and ate my sandwich. Oops. This was our first time being on land after our three day passage down to Grenada, so all of us were ecstatic to be able to walk around for more than 88 ft.

We then got in our busses and made the hour-long journey up the mountains. When we finally arrived, we were warned that the hike might be a bit muddier then previously expected. Still, we were all ready and prepared to sacrifice the cleanliness of our clothes for the joy of walking a long distance and seeing the views that were promised to us.

It was a tough journey, but we finally made it. We ate lunch and enjoyed the incredible views, and with the help of Matthew and Kasey, the three of us were able to climb onto the massive boulder at the top. As we relaxed on the top and looked down on the various towns on the island, we felt alive with the fear of being able to fall at any point. But everything ended up okay. We stayed safe and got down with minimal injuries.

While at the top of the mountain, it began to rain. At the time, the only thing that concerned us about this was that our food was getting wet. We had not considered the fact that the already muddy path had now just become pools of mud that would be deep enough to cover half your leg. About fifteen minutes in, I decided shoes werent worth it and did the rest with only my socks. But we made it safe. Dirty, but safe.

The rest of that day was spent swimming and jumping off waterfalls and buying Hawaiin shirts, 100% dark chocolate, and chicken nuggets. Personally, this was the greatest day of the entire trip for me, and Ill carry these memories with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you,

Olivia Taylor

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