Location: MA

It was under the red glow

Of the galley lights

That we stumbled.

Lashed benches and the heel

Made standing a task

Only for the brave

And surefooted.

Only for us.



A watch puttered steadily.

Blinded by the Binnacle,

Shroud to star.

A zipped-up raincoat

Cuts the

Murmur of the sea.


Morning comes early

And black fades to grey.

Seaspray salt

Coats the weary rigging.

We’d be there soon.

Whole again.


I remember standing on

The edge of the crater.

I remember

How cold it was.

Huddled together as the mist

Flowed between us.

Our sweat sodden T-shirts


We return to sunlight

To be warmed and dried.

We obeyed.


It was later that we found

Anchor under the mountain.

Our home floating

Beside a giant.

We were safe here,

Lashed to the sky.

Mirrored against

Caribbean clouds.


Hey everyone!

Thanks for reading.

I thought I’d share a poem I’ve been working on about the trip. I was going to write about a favorite memory, but I’m starting to feel the memories begin to blur together as they so often do. Sometimes I find a poem that can allow the reader to really viscerally feel what the author is trying to articulate. I guess my hope here is that this poem can give a little insight or a reminder about the feel of our trip. So rather than describing a specific day, I thought I’d reminisce this way. It is for sure a work in progress, hit me up if you have any critiques! 🙂


It’s been just over two weeks since returning home, and I’m starting to get back into the swing of things. I still think about Ocean Star and everyone onboard every day. I know it’s a cliche, but I actually feel like this experience has changed my life in a real way. I feel that after getting through seasick night passages, and washing every single grease-covered dish on the boat, that nothing is truly out of my reach. And perhaps, more importantly, I now know that adventure is out there and that I’m gonna find it.


Squeeze Question: “If you owned a store, what store would it be?”



1. A nice view out the companionway

2. Sunset beneath the mountain

3. Glassy waters off of St. Vincent

4. The crater

5. Sunrise on deck

6. Afternoon sun through the rigging