Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Things we have learned onboard Ocean Star since everyone left;

– San Diego has at least 98 bakeries
– CrossFit is difficult
– Tigers make bad pets
– How to bake all forms of bread
– Sash really doesn’t like the water, despite how many times the others have offered to go swimming with him
– There is no such thing as too many Yorkshire puddings
– We really miss dogs
– Steve has discovered that sausages are life. Life is sausages.
– The optimum hatches to have open to create the perfect airflow through the chart house
– Goats can stand and eat on their hind legs
– We are professional zoomers
– Sash makes up words – he’s not allowed to play Bananagrams
– Amanda can do copious amounts of deck laundry – she’s thinking about starting her own business
– Lolo loves scraping varnish without the use of a heat gun

Life on Ocean Star has become routine. One of us will inevitably end up educating the finest young minds that have graced our shores (or our vessel, if you want to break from standard communal phrases), some painting will be done, some more sanding and varnishing completed and essays marked. Then comes dinner, which without a trusty job wheel directly instructing us who is cooking and a menu telling us exactly what ingredients to use, we kind of stand around until food magically appears. Life has become much harder. Once this process is completed, we repeat the next day. We’ve realized that we do need all you shipmates to run this boat. Without you, we simply don’t know what to do or how to do it.

Photos mainly credited to Faith and her film cameras. Additional Fun Fact: She’s inspired many people to want to become photographers for National Geographic