Location: Gustavia, St. Batelemy

Today was one of the more relaxing days on Ocean Star only after we were able to clear the night’s fierce storms of six- and seven-ish-foot waves while we made way to St. Barts. The day started when we pulled into the anchorage in the early hours of the morning and dropped sails. All watch teams gathered on deck and secured our boat in the bay off Gustavia, St. Barths. After we set anchor, the crew enjoyed some shuteye, and the day started shortly after. The day started with one of the best breakfasts on board so far; eggs Benedict by pirate chef Ben. Today was comprised of an oceanography productivity class, navigation master class, and an advanced open water fish identification class. The crew enjoyed a few hours of free time after new knowledge was grasped on diving and fish within the marine ecosystem. This time was taken to get some sleep due to the lack of energy the crew had, but ten, we bounced up from nap time and got deep into work on our research projects and studying for our next OCE quiz and navigation master exam. The day flew by, and it was ended with another fantastic meal made by chef Ben: three cheese enchiladas. As we start to approach the end of a memorable trip, we are reminded of the bonds that have been cultivated and the knowledge of sailing we have all accumulated. The end is approaching quickly; it seems with fewer days left than have passed, but we will never forget the friendships that have been made over an unforgettable summer.