Location: Gustavia, St. Bathelemy

Today the crew of Ocean Star started their rainy morning in St. Barts off a little brighter with fresh orange juice and baguettes for breakfast. Once everyone had their fill of jams and pastry, it was up with the anchor and onto the dock. All lines safely secured, it was finally time for a cool dip in the ocean as dive gear was brought out of the laz and set up for another Advanced Open Water dive. This time the teams focus was looking at families of fish for their AWARE Fish Identification dive. Some of the favorites of the day were large tarpon, toothy barracuda, and a beautiful peacock flounder! A quick break for lunch back on board prepared by our wonderful chefs Andra, Emi, and Justin, and it was down below for an oceanography class on fisheries and aquaculture. Afterward, it was back out on the water for another fun dive for some while others chose to explore the shops in town. Several other students finished collecting their final samples for the oceanography projects, as finals begin to loom in the near future. Students returned for well-earned freshwater dock showers as they prepared for a dinner ashore. Burgers and fries were on the menu at Le Select, and for dessert, most ventured up the hill to fill up on crepes and gelato. It was a great ending to another adventure-filled day on Ocean Star.