Location: Sandy Spit, BVI

I think today was the best day for a final sailing: The water was flat, the sun was up, there were some beautiful clouds in the sky. There was almost no wind when we woke up, but I had the feeling it was going to be a good day. I crawled out of my bunk, went to the radio, put my music up to help everybody else wake up as well. I even did some crazy dance moves. After breakfast, we quickly cleaned up and talked about getting all the six sails up today. We had never used the fisherman sail before, so we practiced putting it up a number of times to get used to it. The fisherman flies all the way up on one side of the boat. When we tack, it has to come down all the way, and a team on deck has to work in a coordinated way to quickly move it over to the other side and raise it up again after tacking. After a couple of tries, everybody had it down. I got on the helm and pointed out some leaders to get all the sails up and get us off our mooring ball at Peter Island. We sailed off the mooring ball without using the engine, which was pretty amazing. We were able to get all the sails up and start sailing in less than 45 minutes.

We sailed down the Drake, looking like such an awesome boat! I was very thrilled that I could be the skipper on the day that we got all the six sails up. To celebrate our full sailing down the Drake channel, where Ocean Star is at home, we lunched one of our dinghies, and we all went on the bow spread so that we could take some awesome pictures. We looked majestic. After some fun sailing, we arrived at Sandy Spit. We spent the rest of the day at Sandy Key’s beautiful beach, snorkeling around, and/or just hanging out on the boat. Then we all had one of our last ocean showers and got some dinner. Overall, it was an awesome day, and I was happy that I was the skipper!!