Location: Les Saintes

Today we were all faced with a challenge of competition, Argo knowledge and tolerance for various physical handicaps in an event that can be described as nothing less than extraordinarily epic….. the SLD Olympics! After moving Argo this morning from our dive site to the main anchorage not 10 minutes away, we were all called to muster in the cockpit with the only other instructions being “bring your PFD, and anything you think you might need…” leaving the details up to the imagination. Once all seated we were split up into either the Red Port Team or the Green Starboard Team. We were all given a specific handicap to make the scavenger hunt race a bit more interesting; some of us became deaf, others blind, mute, adjoined at the ankle or lost the use of an arm. The first event was called Hydration Station, followed by a hunt for a series of clues placed around the ship, each leading us to the next clue. It was a hectic hunt for clues and various items as the two teams raced past each other in the narrow hallways of Argo. Though no serious injuries occurred, a member for the green team jumped out of one of the dinghies to help tow it around Argo, forgetting that his PFD would inflate once he jumped in, and two others wrestled over the inventory log to locate various items. After all the mayhem subsided, and both teams were once again back in the cockpit with their collection of canned goods, etc., we brought the battle to arena of intelligence and answered various trivia questions regarding Argo and general Sea|mester knowledge. This evening, after all the points were tallied up, I am proud to announce that the Green Starboard Team reigned awesomeness over the inferior Port side and dominated these SLD Olympics aboard Argo’s Spring 2010 Sea|mester!!! It was a good day indeed, and although Starboard may have walked away clean, the Port side did not go down with out a fight.