Location: Richards Bay, South Africa

Today is the day of the switch. The second safari group, hyped up by the stories told by the sleepy but satisfied first group, left around mid-day to do some exploring and animal spotting of their own.

Back on Argo, we experienced the beauty of making a NavMaster Exam for the first time. I think we were lucky to get this practice as it has allowed us to focus on the sections that we need to practice again. To be fair, it is quite hard to focus on a chart for one and a half-hour after returning absolutely exhausted from 3 safaris in about 12 hours.

After a peaceful and chill dinner, we also had a leadership class. This was something different than usual, as there was no teacher involved. We were given nothing but ten cards with questions on them. We ended up taking the full hour to discuss these questions concerning integrity issues.
Finally, we finished the day by playing cards with our smaller group.

Even though it did feel strange not having the full crew aboard, everyone did very much enjoy the additional space, quiet, and food.
Today, I also realized this would be my final day as a skipper on Argo. It was AND IS an awesome journey; none of us will ever forget.
Signing out for a final time,