Location: Richards Bay, South Africa

Today marked another day of being really out here in South Africa. After yesterday when a second group split off from the boat to go out on another day of adventuring in the bush of St. Lucia, a Night Safari was had. This notably featured sighting of impala, antelope, a herd of gnu (wildebeest), multiple hippos, and an up-close meeting with a giraffe. The night ended with a well-deserved, if a little short, sleep at a bed and breakfast. Our first bed that doesn’t rock back and forth in 2.5 months.

The next morning we were awakened at 4:30 am to start the day’s next drive through the game reserve. The group piled into the two open-air safari trucks, and we set off on an hour’s drive down the road to approach the park. As we arrived at the gates, the sun was now streaming over the hills, revealing a striking view of the day to come. The truck started down the dirt road up a ridge, where around the first turn, we were greeted with an elephant blocking the road! The elephant is promptly starting walking directly at us, forcing our tour guide to drive the car in reverse half a mile down the road while being herded by an elephant.
Later we saw more impala, multiple rhinos, more elephants, a giraffe, and a water buffalo.
Yet another day passes of being really out here.