Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

We made it to Dominica today! After a ~20-hour sail from St Lucia, we arrived here early this morning. Luckily, watch team 1 lowered sails and dropped the anchor without waking up others to help (thanks, guys!), which gave the rest of the crew lots of time to sleep. I woke everyone up in time for lunch cooked by Heather, and the food was delicious. We worked together to put Ocean Star to bed, which involved stowing lines, putting on sail covers, and lots more. The afternoon was also spent in Seamanship class, where we learned how to plot our position based on three landmarks and our bearing in relation to them (3-point fix) and how to calculate our ETA while sailing. I thought it was a really fun and interesting lesson. After class, we had free time and then dinner. My squeeze question of the day was: “Would you choose immortality if you could?” It was fascinating to hear my fellow crewmates’ answers to this question.

Overall, today was pretty relaxed.

I forgot to take photos, so here are some from the rest of the trip 😀 sorry