Location: Saint Lucia to Dominica

Currently, the time is 7:36 pm, the sails are up, and just the slightest gust of wind could blow a bowl into the deep water because we have bowls (Sam here – this may sound like a simple thing, but having enough bowls for everyone is quite exciting on board, given how much gets magically lost overboard. For example, do we have more than twenty forks? No. Can we buy more? Surprisingly, no. Idk what the people of the Caribbean use, but we cannot find more forks to buy literally anywhere. So having bowls = big deal). Being the skipper is a fun but hard job.

Relying on your humor to cheer up a crowd is hard for many (but not for me). This morning I woke up the crew to some peaceful heavy metal music. They jumped out of bed with smiles on their faces. Straight after, the smell of coffee beans and tea rose from the depths of our saloon. I then gathered the crew like a herd of sheep so we could eat Julia’s wonderful pancakes that she prepared the night before. Each bite felt so good in our bellies! Straight after, we motored to the refueling dock where Ocean star could get more energy for the next passage. Thirty minutes felt like 10 seconds, and our sails were raised in no time. This was the start of our 18-hour voyage from St.Lucia to Dominica. We saw many beautiful sea creatures on the way! Even our first WHALE!!!!! I love whales so much. We also saw pods of dolphins gliding through the water with ease, jumping in and out for quick deep breaths of air!

For dinner, we had pan-seared chicken in tomato sauce with a veggie bowl full of random stuff. The passage we nice and calm the whole way, without any squalls! Shout out to watch team 3 (Kylie, Griffin, Clara, Cassie, and I). We did an immaculate job taking over the helm from watch team 2. Shout out to my Dad, mom, and Aunt carol. Sue, Aunt. Marcella, Pete, Mr. Kennedy, Willy, Emma and of course Rosie!!! For being there whenever I felt upset or scared! I can’t wait to see each and every one of you! Love you all so much. Forever thankful! <3