Location: Sandy Spit to Lee Bay

We all woke up to a beautiful day at Sandy Spit and a well prepared breakfast of cereal, granola, bananas, and yogurt thanks to Ryan and Ellie. The day also began with a cute little sea turtle sighting, which Ryan was very happy about! After eating, those non-certified divers geared up and went for their confined water dive, where they learned and practiced new skills they’ll have to know to become certified for scuba, I think they’re all gradually starting to feel like fishies 🙂 While they dove, the certified divers of the group (including myself) started with dinghy driving and operation lessons. We also found other good uses of our free time such as climbing up to the crows nest, looking at field guides, and leaping off the side of the boat for a very refreshing swim. Those who were diving that morning finished, and carried on with dinghy lessons as well. Once we were all through, another delicious meal was ready to be had around noon. We finished and immediately started to prep for the sailing adventure for the afternoon, Lee Bay. It was such a beautiful day once we got underway, and such a feeling of accomplishment after our first real experience with the process of it all. We’re all starting to understand the terms and steps more, thanks to the helpful hands of Eric, Jack, Kris, and Stephanie. For the first time, some experienced fire hose showers, while some opted out. We pulled into Lee Bay just as it was time for dinner, and an exceptional dinner of chilli and mac ‘n’ cheese. The non-certificed divers will have their first two open water quizzes this evening, followed by our first marine bio class for everyone lead by Stephanie. Being here is still surreal. From waking up to the islands and gorgeous water, to seeing the sun set every night over the sea is like a dream! These waters are so full of life, which I know we haven’t even begun to uncover. Sea birds, dolphins, fish, urchins, goats, sea turtles and more!! One thing we all have to remember is that everything will come. We are slowly beginning to understand so many new things…diving for some, sailing, shower protocol, knot tying, dinghy driving and how much to reapply sunscreen, to name a few. Just like the saying for driving the dingy…slow is pro..by the end of this adventure all of these new things will sure feel like second nature. I can’t wait for the transition to come and everything in between!!