Location: Underway to Dominica

Hello, world! Today was day three of our passage across the great Atlantic ocean. Spirits were high this morning as watch Team Uno, fueled by a delicious banana bread breakfast, was able to turn off the main engine and raise all six of Argo’s sails. We calmly cruised at a steady seven knots throughout the day as everybody enjoyed the seas rolling by. Our afternoon consisted of marine biology class, MTE navigation practice, and PSCT class, followed by what I like to call the cleansing of the crew, more commonly known as deck showers. Right before dinner, we came upon deck and were treated to the sight of a pod of dolphins jumping around near our bow, adding to the already beautifully scenic pink sunset. It’s incredible how quickly our Seamester family has embraced underway life on this passage, and I know that it will only get better as we put more nautical miles between land and ourselves. Families, friends, and anyone else who might be keeping up with this blog, you can all rest assured that we are thoroughly enjoying our time and can’t wait to talk to you once we reach Dominica! Until then!


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