Location: Roseau, Dominica

The morning started at different times for the Crew of Ocean Star as we continued to watch teams throughout the night. We were on a nice beam reach with the engine off sailing at about 7 knots as watch team three were greeted by dolphins jumping all around the boat and playing at the bow. The wind begins to die down as we sailing on the leeward side of Guadeloupe and Dominica, so, unfortunately, we had to turn on the engine. We dropped sail and were welcomed to Dominica by Poncho, one of our local friends on the island that Ocean Star hikes with. He guided us to the mooring ball as we did a quick BA ( Boat Appreciation ) to get her nice and pretty again and wash all of the salt off of her. Once everything was tidy again, it was shower time, usually the best part of the day, as it involves everyone jumping in the water and perfecting their backflips. We ended up eating dinner down below as it was raining, and had quite a bit of relaxing time as we joked around and made ninja masks out of t-shirts. Tonight we will have our sailing class followed by getting to bed early as we prepare for the most difficult, yet most rewarding hike tomorrow to the only boiling lake left in the world. Oh, the things we are able to experience in just one day are unimaginable.