Location: Dominica

Good Morning Sailors! Wake up started at 6 am in order to start a full day hike. We met Poncho, our tour guide, who was quite a character and approached the beautiful rainforest, which would eventually lead us to the only boiling lake left in the world. As the hike continued, the scenery became more and more spectacular. The clouds rolled over the mountains as the cooling breeze swept onto our faces. After the first two hours of the hike, we all reached the peak of the mountain. As smiles appeared on each other’s faces, we all recognized how amazing the hike has been up to that point. The last hour was difficult yet rewarding. As we climbed down the rocks, we found hot springs. Poncho was kind enough to cook hard-boiled eggs in the boiling hot springs! Following this snack, we stopped at Jacuzzi-temperature pools of water and relaxed, wading in water we couldn’t seem to leave. We continued on and finally made it to our destination. Careful not to get to close, we peered into the pit of 180-degree waters. On our way back, everyone was starting to feel the pressure of an eight-hour hike. As aches and pains became apparent, so did the drive that pushed every student. As the journey was ending, we all stopped at a waterfall and swam through a cave. As we became refreshed and returned to the van, the students couldn’t help but be proud of one another. This hike will be an experience that will never be forgotten.