Location: Barbuda

The day began with a flurry of activity as the crew was awakened to the shrill sound of a fire drill. Soon thereafter, we hauled back the anchor and navigated through a narrow passage in the shallow reef of northern Antigua called “Spithead Channel.” Hands were sent aloft to keep a sharp watch for coral while others sighted bearings on land, checked depth, plotted positions, and handled sail. After transiting the channel, the crew had barely made their lines before the fishing lines began to spin and jump. After a short fight, we reeled in a Horse-Eyed Jack and a small Tuna. We opted to release both fish unscathed – their lucky day. Later, we set the fisherman sail, a large light-wind sail that flies between our masts. The crew also decided to pull out the signal flags to wish Chantale a happy birthday as we sailed alongside Near Enough, an interesting lesson on some of the more advanced methods of signaling at sea. Soon, we were close to Barbuda and dropped anchor near Palmetto Point. We bathed in the ocean, enjoyed a delicious meal of sweet and sour chicken, took an Oceanography physics quiz, and settled in for another interesting and informative Nautical Science class.