Location: Statia to Saba

Today started off with a bit of a rainy breakfast. We ended up on deck once the rain stopped. It consisted of oatmeal and some delicious fruit. Passage prep went surprisingly quick, and thus we were underway to Saba. Our sail went fairly fast as we had a favorable wind angle. Once we arrived at Saba, we had the option to either rest up, study, or work on our group research projects. Next, we had shower time and the challenge of trying to accomplish backflips. Some caught on a bit quicker than others. Following the back-flip session came dinner with a delicious Mexican Lasagna. After dinner, we pumped the jams, and there was a little dance party mixed in with cleanup. We ended the night with a film about Irving Johnson, who was a famous sailor and the forefather of education at sea. It meant a lot to us because our rescue dinghy is named after him.