Location: St. Eustatia

Another day in the life of Ocean Star! Again full of new adventures! Starting with waking up with some more Spanish music. After breakfast, we left Ocean Star to dive the famous cable laying shipwreck called the Charlie Brown. This dive is different from anything else we have done. What makes it different from the others you may be thinking? Well, this time, we went for a deep dive, which means that we went about 85 feet underwater (more than 20m!). On the bottom, there was a sunken boat. It was made in Naples (Italy), and it was used by an electrical company. The purpose of the boat was to connect the different islands of the area with underwater cables. When it wasn’t needed by the company anymore, they sold it to the people of St. Eustatius, who then decided to sink it to make it a fun dive site for all to enjoy. That happened ten years ago. It was really nice to see how the time had affected the image of that boat, how all kinds of fish were swimming around it. On that dive, we also saw a couple of sea turtles that were considerable in size! Also, a pretty big barracuda, who many of us thought you could see in its eyes that had some evil plans. It was an experience that none of us will forget. After diving, we all went back to the boat to have lunch, and afterward, we went to shore. The way up to town was kind really slope.

Once we were in the town, we had a walk around and went for some smoothies. It was soooo hot! The guys were more adventurous and went to check out the historic fort. We all got back to the boat, and while we were having some free time, Jake, Dave, and Jess divided to jump into the water from the ratlines. After that jumping session, Dave decided to climb to the crow’s nest and conquer his fear of heights! Later in the evening, we had the geology test! Followed by an amazing brownie baked by Alex and Maddie! A good end for a unique day!