Location: 18 24.4'N 049 34.9'W

One day closer, yet still another week to go. Everyone seems to have a different answer to the most asked question on the boat: how many more days? With a predicted arrival date of November 26th, I would tell you that we have seven days left. Emma would probably tell you there are six days left, not including an arrival. Dani might tell you we have nine days left because we have nine days until we actually get to enter civilization again and buy more snacks. And, if you were to ask Helayna, she would tell you we have three days left, not including today, tomorrow, arrival, and the day before arrival because we’ll practically be there already.

Our most precious form of currency is our snacks. We have created our own form of boat capitalism with a pretty sufficient trading system. I find myself rationing and re-rationing my chocolate supply every day. Today it came to my attention that the emergency Sam supply of chocolate, hidden for when I run out of chocolate too soon, has been misplaced. I have a story I would like to share. The only reason I am sharing this with you is that I know that no one on the boat will be able to read it until the end of the passage, and by then, it will hopefully be irrelevant; This morning, at the lovely hour of 7 am, the sun rose on watch team 3, revealing a can of sour cream and onion Pringles that had been left behind by a previous watch team and they were quickly passed around! We then proceeded to spend the duration of the time it took us to finish the can of Pringles, justifying why we were eating them rather than finding who they belonged to. One person suggested that we only eat half and leave the rest, but that was quickly shut down as the rest of us agreed to spare conflict we needed to finish the can and hide it. There is already “watch team beef” between watch teams 2 and 3, so we decided to not add fuel to the flames and keep it a secret.

As you can probably already tell, we are all going slightly crazy on this boat. There is not much else to report thus far. Just snack trading and Pringle thieves.

To Bubba’s mom, he asked me to tell you he says hi.
To my own parents, I love and miss you and have luckily not fallen off the boat yet!
Until next time!

Photo 1: Arden deckie-ing and Tyler driving
Photo 2: Our current location
Photo 3: Brianne after cutting off Jack’s mullet