Location: Eboodhoo

Today was a great day to be the skipper of this wonderful crew! The day started out with a sunset snorkel toward a nearby sandbar. We had to wake up at 5:15 am, but it was worth it! Everyone had a fun time walking around in the sand and chasing small, white crabs that were crawling everywhere. Zach, Seth, and Henry even mentioned seeing some sharks. After we returned to the boat and had breakfast, we spent around 3 hours looking for whale sharks. Unfortunately, we did not see any, but it was amazing to see our staff members working so hard to let us see such an incredible creature. For those who decided to stay below deck during this time, many spent time studying and completing essays for our leadership, marine biology, and oceanography classes. While we have a number of assignments to complete, the crew seems excited to be writing about topics they are passionate about.


After lunch, we had our oceanography course. Since we are currently in one of the many atolls of the Maldives, it was fascinating to learn about how atolls are formed. The class went well, and we especially enjoyed that the air conditioning was turned on for it :). Following our class, a number of students went snorkeling at the reef of a nearby island. What a surprise there was in store for us! The corals were incredible. I was so tired of swimming from Vela to the reef, but I am so glad that I did it. There were tons of tiny fish swimming in schools, and they swam so quickly that it almost sounded like electricity. We also saw many of the species that we were quizzed on during marine biology a few days ago.

After having some delicious risotto made by our chefs Marc, Finley, and Myra, we had squeeze as usual. I was so excited to ask everyone to share an embarrassing moment or story from their past. Everyone was so open to sharing with the group, and I certainly believed that we have never laughed together so authentically as we did tonight. While all this occurred, we also got to witness the sun setting and the moon rising. The moon was so beautiful, as it was an almost orange colorwhat a wonderful way to end the day. I hope you enjoyed hearing from us!

P.S. Hello family! I am doing well.



1. Trey

2.Marc and Finley cheffing

3. Porthole view

4. Noah

5. Gillian