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Hello Everyone! Today I am lucky enough to be one of the first staff members to be “Skipper” on the job wheel and get the chance to write the blog! I am a mate, dive instructor, and the medic on board. We woke up this morning to Noah playing melodic music and to a gourmet breakfast of scrambled eggs, PB and J sandwiches, some sausages, and, for our in-house Brits, baked beans. With full stomachs, we prepped for a day of diving with a marine biology class all about reef formation, types of coral, and ecology. In true Seamester fashion, we got to apply our newfound knowledge immediately underwater. Open water group one dove into an underwater playground in one of the most alive and healthy reefs seen by both the students and staff — surgeonfish, colorful corals, eels, and rays kept the divers talking all day long.


While they worked on their certification skills, the rest of the crew waited their turn on deck. Some completed essays, others enjoyed the cooler weather on the bowsprit, and Sam crushed Gillian in their race to finish reading “The Name of the Wind.” Everyone was excited about lunch, where Chef Master Robbie did it again with a potato carrot ginger soup and pans of delicious homemade bread. Clean-up brought new excitement, with the students and staff now on the job wheel together and new jobs added, including the rig-master and bread-maker.

Snorkel team six (the already-certified divers) went diving after lunch, as group one enjoyed their break. Not long after, though, the winds changed, the waves rose, and the boat bounced, and ST6 was called back to keep safe from the building current. As a flash rainstorm came on, the whole crew took refuge in the salon. Some read Tarot, others discussed movies, but the real excitement came at my table where Valentina, Mads, Sam, and I played a fierce game of hearts and teamed up for the most competitive rounds of Kent I’ve ever seen.

After filling up on a pasta bolognese and leftover quinoa, we sat down for the squeeze as we went around the circle. We shared our appreciation for the beautiful reef we explored, the games we played, and some of our best meals yet. I asked what people were looking to get out of the trip; many want to become more independent, while others, like Ian, want to keep working on their diving certifications. Others want simply to learn to sail or get better at living in the moment. Personally, I want to become a better freediver, hopefully learning from those more experienced in the group.

Now, the students are sitting down for a leadership class with Shona and some late-night baking. It should make for a tasty breakfast!

– Elle


1. Gillian at the bow

2. Seal Team Six

3. Dishy Pit

4. Zach with his bread master piece