Location: 38*38.66'N 32*10.26'W

We are nearing the end of our first passage across the Atlantic from the BVI’s to the Azores. It has been much more than just a learning experience for some of us. Over the past 17 days, we have experienced the rain, the wind, and even no wind. We have been spending most of our time awake with the people in the pictures above as we were split into 3 watch teams before starting passage. These are the people we spent 4 hours at a time with in the middle of the night. We have developed friendships as a whole, and for that, I am thankful. Though it took some getting used to, I think it’s safe to say we got used to our new sleeping patterns right in time to reach land again. It is estimated that we will arrive tomorrow night, and the anticipation amongst us all is real.
The PCST students who have been studying for weeks for upcoming exams, myself included, finally took our first exam on Collision Regulations earlier today. We won’t know the results until tomorrow, so a few of us are anxiety-ridden for the rest of the night.
My watch team woke up at 4 am to do our 4-8 watch this morning. We call it the sunrise watch, and what a beautiful one we had. We had some dolphin friends around the bow early morning. We all loved seeing them frolic around in the wake that the bow created. As the wind dwindles down, so do the sails. We are now back motor sailing for a bit. Luckily we got a few days of sailing in so the crew could restore their hearing. Although the sound of the engine is soothing to me, some disagree. We are nearing the end of the passage, so lunch and dinners are being prepared from what’s left in storage. We are all running low on snacks, and aggravation is showing in more than a few of the students. A marketplace is well needed for some!
Back on at midnight, talk to you soon, Mom and Dad

Also, a BIG Happy Birthday to Teak from Calum and Watch Team 2!!

1) Watch Team 2 Top Row – Spencer, Rocco, Case, Elan, Amos, Savanna. Bottom row – Paige, Ceci, Calum
2) Watch Team 1 Top Row – Keally, Ben, Josh. Next row – Kaleigh, Freddie, Dylan, Wyatt, Infamous Captain Tom. Bottom row – Fitz, Jessi, Darius
3) Watch Team 3 Top Row – Courtney, James, Anna, Leoni, Brianne, Jack, Ale, Cam. Bottom row -Ines, Alexa