Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

Bonjour and happy Halloween from Martinique!

Today we started our day thematically; monster mash was sung throughout the salon at 0700, as the smell of Emma’s DELICIOUS pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins offered us our first treat of the day. Most people were a little slow out of bed this morning, probably due to all the spook in the air (not because people were sleepy). By 0730, coffee was hot, breakfast was up on deck, and bags had been packed for our hike up Mt. Pele.

After breakfast, the dingy rides ashore started. Some hopped off the dingy and darted to a fresh fruit market. Others bee-lined towards the nearest ATM for some euros so they could also pick up a passion fruit or grab guava for a nice treat at the peak of Mt. Pele. Once everyone was ashore, we got into our taxi van and made our way to the Mt. Pele trailhead. Mt. Pele last erupted in 1902, killing nearly 30,000 people and transforming the landscape around St. Pierre, very scary. The hike was steep, the sun was sweltering, but the views were breathtaking. Everyone pushed hard and made it up the trail. At the base, where we met our taxi, there was a small caf with cold water! A true and luxurious treat whenever we are ashore. Our taxi driver drove smoothly down the windy roads and even stopped to chat with a friend before we arrived back at Port St. Pierre for some free time.

The first unplanned stop for everyone just so happened to be the nearest baguette shop in sight. Once everyone had a chance to recharge with a pastry and saturate their insides with coffee, it was time to see what else St. Pierre had to offer. Some people went for long walks to see the town. Others sat on a bench by the water and talked about what they thought the second half of the program will be like. A mild mid-program crisis… if you will.

When 1600 came around, everyone meandered back to the dingy dock for a ride back home to Ocean Star. Once back on board, there was some time to relax and study before dinner. After a great dinner cooked by Emma and Carolyn, we transitioned into class. Steph surprised us with a bag of treats, but there was indeed a trick inside. One bag; inside that bag were colorful candies that looked like M&Ms… no wait. They are Skittles… no M&Ms…uuhh….both. So now, everyone is carefully navigating through our bags of candy unless your name is Sam, and you say, “Honestly, you guys, M&Ms, and Skittles aren’t bad together.”