Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Hello to everyone back home!

Today we started off the day with a breakfast of yogurt and granola followed by more practice for our rescue diver certification. Some of the exercises we had to do included surface Rescues responding to non-responsive divers and panicked divers with our dive kits on – this required a good amount of acting, which was very entertaining to watch. After we were finished with the morning drills, they surprised us with some shore time and an optional lunch ashore, which everyone took. Myself, Maddie, Anthony, Dre, Sonnet, and Charlie went to a restaurant where Maddie and I got some local fish that was delicious, and everyone else got burgers that they kept raving about. After that, Maddie and I couldn’t resist getting ice cream which also hit the spot.

When we got back to the boat, we had some more rescue drills to do, and these ones were actually underwater. Some included bringing an unconscious diver to the surface as well as practicing search patterns to find a missing diver. Now we only have one more drill to get through to be officially certified, Rescue divers!

Now we just enjoyed a delicious dinner of butter chicken and are finishing clean-up. As we’re getting very close to the end, everyone will be busy tonight writing cards after we watch a movie together. We also just got word that we’re going for an early morning “goat” hike tomorrow morning, which we’re all excited about.

I can’t believe how little time we have left here on Vela; we’re all trying to soak in every last moment and appreciate every bit we have left. Guess this is my last blog!
Bye, everyone!!!

picture 1: Charlie, Megan, Colm, Katelyn, Anthony, Smash, Hannah

picture 2: Anthony, myself, and Maddie making breakfast for tomorrow

picture 3: Bennitt, Andrea, Val

picture 4: Sunset

picture 5: Colm’s selfie I found on my phone

picture 6: Andrea, Maddie, Myself, and Val

Picture 7: Charlie and Sonnet with a mango