Location: English Harbor, Antigua

THE FIRE ALARM HAS NOW BEEN ACTIVATED. Everyone gets to the deck with their PFDs (Personal Flotation devices) and pillows. The words rang through my ears as I rolled out of bed for another action-packed day in Antigua. After securing my PFD and grabbing my pillow (as the emergency procedure states), the crew and I ran up the ladder to learn the fire alarm was not an actual emergency but rather set off only by the cooks who were preparing a delectable pancake breakfast. Oops! After a wonderful breakfast, the crew had a deserved fun day ashore. We parted ways as some of us enjoyed the museums ashore, and some left for hikes to campsites and up mountains for spectacular views. A few of us enjoyed some beach time while some stayed back to catch up on some sleep and additionally dropped off clothes at laundry mats and took showers. Also, dock power was finally been achieved, giving way to an air-conditioned saloon and a happy crew.

Interestingly enough, we happen to be docked next to a 115-foot sailing yacht called Sojana that is engineered by our caption doppelgnger. They are both English chaps and were dressed similarly in white t-shirts with the names of their respective boats, have identical majestic blonde hair, and smashing accidents. Dinner aboard tonight was a Mexican soft taco bar, which was delicious. To finish off the night, the advanced divers will be journeying on a night dive while the rest of the crew will enjoy a sailing documentary played on the projector on deck. Antigua showed the crew of Ocean Star a wonderful time, and we are all over-excited for the journey to St. Barths tomorrow afternoon. Let’s hope the sail goes as planned.