Location: CT

Hello Readers!

Its your skipper, Matt B, writing from New Canaan, CT! I am approaching two weeks since I departed my friends and our trusty steed Ocean Star. Since then, I have done little more than sleep and tell stories of my time in the Caribbean to family. Its quite boring compared to our action-packed days with SeaMester (Thank god golf courses are open). While I had the time of my life on board, it is quite unfortunate that it had to be cut short.

It is hard for me to choose just one favorite memory, as days were consistently packed with adventures and laughs. However, for the sake of your time, I will only look back at one. Before the trip, I didnt mind cooking, but I wouldnt go out of my way to do it. By day 25, I had asked Sash if I could be made a permanent chef. Sash didnt say a word and ducked through the engine room to the chart house. That went poorly, I thought. To my surprise, Sash came back with a circular job wheel looking thing in his hand. That job wheel looking thing was a personal chef wheel for me. Pretty badass. Sash, Respect. My favorite memory from working in the kitchen was cooking with the booooys! On Matthews first Chef day, Rob and I were his sous chefs. Our goal was to create the greatest flavor experience in the history of flavor. Our menu was incredibly optimistic, to say the least. We started with fried eggs for twenty people. It was quite Aggressive, but we pulled it off. Immediately after breakfast, we began prepping for dinner. Our head chef Matthew had a special ingredient to add to the dining experience. Mountain dew code red (52g sugar). While I was nervous about what it would taste like at first, it made an excellent marinade for our pulled pork that night. After lunch, the boys and I dedicated the next five hours to cooking a badass meal.

Outside the kitchen, one of my best memories from the trip was hiking up the volcano with Tye, Gus, and Sash. It was tough, but we got to the top quickly and sat toeat lunch. The view was incredible. A few of the girls behind us caught up and joined us at the top of the mountain. As Faith, Dori, Marin, and Mackenzie greeted us. On our way down, Sash asked if we wanted to run the rest of the way. We stupidly chose to follow an experienced long-distance runner. As I got too gassed to continue, I saw Gus pass Sash at an incredible speed. He had spent the entire day telling Sash how he was going to beat him in the hike, and for a second, I thought he was gonna pull it off. When I got to the finish line, Sash had told me that he beat Gus by a considerable margin. Gus would definitely beg to differ.

I could keep writing for hours about the times I had on Ocean Star, but I will spare you all from my ramblings.

To all my friends from Ocean Star, I hope to see you all soon!