Location: Minnesota

I think we’re all still getting used to not being on Ocean Star. It’s strange not seeing everyone, but I know I’m starting to get used to it. It’s always nice to be home with family and dogs, but I know I miss the stable routine of being on the ship. One thing I’ve found I really enjoy is baking. I made bread recently after making it on the ship, and while it didn’t turn out quite as good, it was still a lot of fun. It’s also difficult to find things to do when we’re all stuck at home. I’ve had a lot of fun being with my dogs, and I’ve been catching up on Netflix and reading. Please see attached photos of dogs. Being on the ship helped me realize that I wasted a lot of time at home not doing anything, but it’s really hard to find fun stuff to do when we can’t leave the house. I hope everyone is doing well and finding things to do at home. I really enjoyed the live lectures so far, and it’s fun to feel like we are all still in class together. We have our first online quiz tomorrow for Oceanography. We are all starting to get the hang of this remote learning thing. It’s definitely not the same as being all cozied (squished) into the sweaty salon, but we are making it work!

Squeeze question for the day: “If you could be an animal for a day, what would you be?” Answers in our virtual squeeze tonight ranged from the bald eagle to humpback whale to mantis shrimp.