Location: Roseau, Dominica

The crew started this morning with the soft acoustic melodies of Trevor Hall and a healthy breakfast of yogurt, granola, and fruit. Shortly after our morning clean up, many of the shipmates decided to step onshore one last time on the beautiful island of Martinique by combing a nearby beach for sea glass. Once back on board with their treasure, the shipmates quickly finished up passage prep (a process that has almost become second nature) so that we could begin the quick voyage to Dominica. We raised anchor, and our three boom sails with the efficiency of a seasoned crew and began our journey north. Motoring out of the lee of Martinique, we found the surface of the ocean to be like a mirror and the gentle breeze coming from our stern. Breaking into two watch teams instead of our usual three, the crew used this time on the placid sea to prep for their oceanography presentations, listen to music, or come up with Halloween costume ideas for later that evening. We pulled into Roseau, Dominica, and after a quick boat appreciation to show O Star how much we love her, everyone sat down to an awesome dinner of ratatouille dressed in costume. We had a couple “frat bros, a shark and one student dressed up as one of the staff, complete with a stolen coffee mug, sunglasses, and drawn on tattoos. After finishing their oceanography presentations, our shipmates will finish off their Halloween with a scary movie. Hopefully, not so scary that they cant sleep before going on Dominica’s incredible Boiling Lake hike tomorrow.