Location: Roseau, Dominica

After a sailing styled Halloween, the crew was up and at ’em for our 6:30 wakeup for the Dominica Boiling Lake Hike. As excited, we all were to see the only active boiling lake in the world; the hike was said to be extremely strenuous and about eight hours long. But despite this, we left in high hopes in conquering our next adventure. The first hour or so was a consistent incline of stairs through the rainforest, and just when I thought I couldnt take another step, we broke through the trees and saw the most magnificent view. Our guide, Pancho, pointed out the rising steam in the distance to show us the direction we needed to head in. From that point on, the hike became more bearable as we continued due to the fascinating atmosphere and more downhill terrain. About a quarter into the hike, Pancho directed us to a boiling stream, where he then removed about a dozen eggs from his pockets and pulled out a strainer-looking contraption “to boil the eggs,” he explained. About five minutes later, everyone was munching on their boiled egg sandwiches and tuna salad that Pancho’s wife made for us. With our stomachs full, we continued on, eventually reaching the natural hot springs. We all climbed into what I must say was the best hot tub I have ever been in. The water was a perfect hot temperature, and all the steam rising up became trapped due to the rock walls, creating a sauna-like effect. Everyone was happy to relieve their tired muscles and soak up as much water as they could. The hardest part of the hike was probably getting everyone out, but once we did, we set off again, this time to finally see what we came for. A few mountainous peaks later, we saw a cliff with steam rising from below. Trying not to get to close to the edge, we stretched our necks to see the view. Below us was a great lake bubbling rapidly with light bluish water filled with sulfur. I have never seen anything like it, and the crew was amazed and finally rewarded for their tremendous efforts. After taking in all we could, and eating lunch, we made our way back home to Ocean Star. By this time, a storm was passing through, so we all got freshwater rainfall showers to clean off all the dirt and grime from the hike. As exhausted as we all are, I think everyone really appreciated what we saw today and are very excited for a good night of rest.