Location: Roseau, Dominica

Our day started at 6:30, and we were greeted by an overcast sky. We had some yogurt and granola for breakfast before being ferried over to a dock at 8:00 to meet our guide for the day, Sea Cat (an apparent local legend), who turned out to be a pretty awesome dude. The first spot on our Dominican tour was the Emerald Pool, a beautiful basin filled by a waterfall with a half-moon cave behind it. Myself and staff member Eric hopped in the cool pool at the bottom of the falls. After enjoying the waterfall and rejuvenating pool, we took a different path from the one we came by and stopped at some scenic viewpoints. We then piled back into the van and continued down the winding roads. Our guide Sea Cat would routinely stop the van, grab fruits and leaves off of trees and say taste this or smell them; we tasted many different things off the side of the road. We stopped briefly by a beach on the windward side of the island and chilled for 20 minutes; the sand was dark, as it is volcanic in origin. Continuing on, we drove through the tribal territory, where we stopped at one of the native’s houses to try some breadfruit, homemade chocolate, and spicy smoked chicken, which was delicious. We ended up picking grapefruits and oranges off the trees on our way back into town (we got so many grapefruits!). Trafalgar Falls was our next stop. Many of the crew climbed up large boulders and chilled in the pool at the base of the waterfall; it was a very amazing place. Before heading back to Ocean Star, we stopped at a viewpoint overlooking the town. It was definitely one of the best days the crew of Ocean Star has experienced so far.