Location: Underway to Mauritius

It was a day full of bromposals, squalls, and mischief, oh my!
Early in the night, there was some mischief creeping around the halls. As I walked to my bed after a 12-3 am watch, I found a scary squash hiding in my bunk. Spooky. Bunks were teepeed as scary vegetables made their rounds throughout the cabins- it was quite the start to a spooky-filled day.

Fast forward now; it’s class time. Right before Oceanography class could start, Alan busted out with his guitar serenading Izzy, asking her to Brom, and gifting her snickers. What a beautiful sight. We continued on with the lecture right after. We were about halfway through the lecture when all of a sudden, “hooked on a feeling” came blasting through the tv’s in the saloon. Upon the screens was a picture of Sam O and Julia. It was another bromposal. It couldn’t have been done without the help of Alex. We finished the Oceanography lecture not too long afterward with no more bromposals (for now). After a five-minute break, we rolled into Seamanship class as it started getting very cloudy and dreary outside.

Smoosh and Coop were teaching us about TVMDC when all of a sudden, Tim yelled down below, “all hands on deck!!”. We all grab our PFD’s and scurry up on deck. Most of us left our foul weather gear down below, even though we all knew it was definitely raining. From the minute we stepped on deck, we immediately got drenched. We ran around, moving sails, laughing, and making jokes. Fun times. After adjusting sails, we vlogged each other doing weather reports, Julia and Kira started reenacting movie scenes where it down poured, and Ethan ran up to Mimi asking her to brom (very romantic stuff). When we finally finished on deck, we all went below to try and dry off.

We finished the day off with sun coming out from behind clouds, yummy dinner, squeeze, and clean up (like always). We are less than 1000 miles away from Mauritius, slowly but surely getting there. Hopefully, the next five days are filled with the same chaotic laughter and activities. (Also, Brom’s tomorrow get excited!!!!!). (also miss you, Mom, Dad, gabby, and Manz- love you guys so much!!!)

(Happy Birfday Nash)

Check ya later

Emily (:

Coordinates: 01648.33’S 07445.40’E