Location: Underway to Mauritius

This morning I woke up with power coursing through my veins. Today was the day where I held the title of skipper.

Hello friends, family, and fans (I know you’re out there). My name is Hans Van Der Sande, and I am here to give you your daily boat date (boat update).

Today started with at 12 to 3 am watch with my new watch team crew (Ethan, Char, Hudson, Emma, Falk, and Tim). We tried to sing unwritten; however, we didn’t remember the lyrics, so we just made our own song about a boy who didn’t know how to write. I was also Bromposed to during my boat watch; I was doing a boat check in the engine room when suddenly I see a small figure in the corner of the engine room smiling at me. My first instinct was to scream and kick the thing, as I had heard from the other watch teams that a demon gremlin was sighted throughout the ship, but after letting my mind settle down from the adrenaline rush I was getting, I realized it was just Falk with a bromposal. I said yes, and cried many tears of happiness.

Then we finished watch and fell asleep, and all was good… at least that’s what I thought. Moments later, I heard a rustling to my side. Then footsteps. Then no footsteps. Then silence. I knew something was right there, I could feel it staring at me, but I tried to keep my eyes shut so that I didn’t have to see the thing that had decided to stumble into our room and next to my bunk. Alas, my curiosity took over, and I allowed an eye to open. Above me, I could see the smiling Tighe, and then we had a conversation about how too many onions in the saloon have faces drawn on them (despite us being the ones doing that), and I went to bed.

Enough about my midnight spooky (wooo) stories. Let’s get stuck into the day, my friends. Today was an A+ day. We got to see the ocean and clouds, and my friends, let me tell you, there’s a lot of that in the middle of the Indian ocean. Oh, by the way, we’re in the middle of the Indian ocean!!!!! Wowza, it’s so insane that we’re here. It’s just insane how much we don’t appreciate airplanes, it’s taking so long to cross the Indian ocean, and it takes like 14 hours to cross the Pacific. Wow. Anywho, let’s get back to what you all are really here for. So yes, the day goes well. We have Marine Biology and talk about birds, reptiles, and all the different ways sharks give birth. Then we have our EFR test (let’s pray that everyone passed). But then, all the stars aligned (even though I couldn’t see them in the daylight), and for a second, all the atoms in my brain come together to conjure up my inner Einstein (fun fact I had to use spell check to spell Einstein correctly). And I come up with this idea, why go around and take pictures when I could just have everyone do it for me.

During lunch, I announce that there will be a competition, a competition for the brown medallion (oreo), and whoever can give me a photo for the blog that I find the funniest gets that pack of brown medallions. So my day has been pretty swell.

Unlike most people, I had bought snacks in bulk, so I was set. I was a man of many riches. I lived my days full of salt and vinegar chips and Pringles. I could start a cartel of snacks if I wanted to. But many people didn’t know what these “snacks” were. Time at sea had caused them to forget so that they could cope. So when I said I would give this pack of brown medallions to the common folk, chaos ensued.

The photos I got were great, and I hope you enjoy them.

We are currently going 10kts, and we are speeding through the night. However, I will end it here, Alex needs to get his sleep, and he can’t sleep until I’m done. Thank you, Alex.
Mischief Night is to come, my friends. I hope the blog tomorrow is full of all the scares that Tighe and I do to all the watch teams.
Thank you, friends, family, and fans.
I miss you guys so much.
And I can’t wait to get to my home (WINK), but before I do, I will try my best to learn as much as I can on this amazing trip,



Coordinates: 01609.8803’S 07739.2124’E