Location: Bequia to St. Lucia

Watch three brought us into Saint Lucia this morning after a slightly eventful sail. It started out absolutely beautiful without a wave in sight, but quickly the swells began to roll in and make the ride a bit rougher. We made it through into the harbor of Soufriere. Upon our arrival, we had a quick swim and then a morning of Boat Appreciation. After lunch, we met James, a local taxi driver, who gave us a wonderful tour of the Soufriere Botanical Gardens, the still-active volcano, and local hot springs. The Botanical Gardens were slightly touristy but packed with beautiful tropical plants and flowers along with its fair share of pasty white cruise ship goers. A quick ride took us to the top of some geological hot spots with a short walk back down. We ended our journey with a relaxing visit to the hot springs. This is the closest we’ll get to a freshwater bath for the rest of the trip. Our day came to an end as usual, with a phenomenal shower and dinner time!