Location: St. Pierre, Martinique (Franceland)

(To be read with a French accent) Ze day was a tres bon day in ze belle franceland. Ze sleepy shipmates were awoken from zer peaceful slumber and treated to a magnific breakfast courtesy of ze Faloon and Nick. (Ok, back to English). First order of business was OCE class where the shipmates took a quiz to show off their new geological oceanography knowledge. Following class was the Deep Dive knowledge reviews and finally the long anticipated first deep dive for many of the shipmates. The dive involved playing with puzzles, tennis balls, skittles and eggs, along with learning the different factors of deep diving and careful safety measures. Once above water the shipmates invaded the small town of St. Pierre which is a small town full of French atmosphere, architecture, and more importantly for some, great food. Some people wandered the beach to collect sea glass and enjoy the views of Mount Pele, the volcano sleeping peacefully nearby. Back on the boat everyone enjoyed showers and relaxing time, and some of the shipmates returned for another dive. After clean up from dinner we will be having our second OCE class of the day- the scheduling was organized by the shipmates, so I’m taking it that they just can’t get enough Oceanography! I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring.

(still trying to digestion my amazing birthday cakedeath by chocolate doesn’t even begin to cover it!)