Location: 9*13.366, 75*28.827

After our relaxed, super slow-moving day yesterday, I was in for a surprise when I headed up for my evening watch. I had been down below in the salon working through the new amended menus for our extended passage with Leoni (everyone will be pleased to know we have plenty of food, and even better, the midnight snacks will still exist! Wahoo!) and as the boat motion had felt the same as it had all day I was expecting to still be sat still, slowly bobbing along. To my great surprise, however, we were ripping along at a cracking 7 knots, but it was so smooth and calm it felt like we were going nowhere! With the night being so still and the stars so bright, it was a truly magical feeling knowing the power of the wind and ocean was pushing us along, but at the same time, it being so relaxed and peaceful. We talked about the stars, trying to identify more of the constellations, and also discussed how fascinating it is to see their positions in the sky move as we travel across the ocean. Watches are a great time to get to know everyone better – on the boat, you see the real versions of people as there is no hiding when you are with them at all hours of the day and see them in a whole host of different states of mind. This is something I find truly beautiful as you get to realize who you and those around you really are. It allows for connections to be formed that are so much deeper than ones you might find on a day-to-day basis at home.

In the afternoon, for oceanography class, each student presented an 8-minute presentation on the topic they had chosen for their literature review. These varied from oil spills to hydrothermal vents, hurricanes, and coral reefs. During this time, there was a mad scurrying on deck as the staff on deck tacked and jibed through a squall, trying to keep the wind pushing us forward.

During dinner, we were graced with something that I don’t think any of us had seen before – a double rainbow in the sunset. It was one of those moments that we were all so amazed by and tried to capture with our cameras, but no matter how hard we tried, the photos just couldn’t quite show the true beauty. It was a sunset I don’t think any of us will forget. After we finished squeeze, we all sat and watched the sky turn from pink to red to blood orange as the clouds made it look like a scene from the lion king with hundreds of animals walking across the horizon.

Until next time – Amy

PS. To everyone at home, I love and miss you so much, can’t wait to talk again soon xx


1. Shona on the helm during the rainstorm


2. PSCT class on deck

3. There was a rainbow during the sunset, and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!