Location: 9*24.429' S 73*36.770' E

Hello families! Today we are so lucky, just like every day from the chill start of our day full of power naps and good times and even greater conversations with great people. To the fun seamanship classes with Elle and Martin, who made the class super enjoyable with the funny acronyms that will stick with many of us for a long time, and the time we spent busting out the last of our oceanography presentations. So glad we have so many creative people who know how to make a presentation fun.


After the presentations, watch team “getting stuff done” 1 finishes off our 2-6 pm watch and gets to finish it off with the lovely surprise of dolphins! First, they started off small with just a small pod of about 7 dolphins swimming with the bow of Vela. Still, they seemed to like it so much that they told all of their other dolphin friends because soon, what seemed like hundreds, maybe even thousands of dolphins came from the horizon to converge at the bow of Vela to have fun with all of their dolphin friends! After what seemed like hours of enjoying our evening with dolphins, we got to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets we’ve got to enjoy on this adventure and that, combined with the dolphins, just enhanced the overall energy of Vela by 100 fold.

After the sunset and dinner, we finished up our day with a swift clean-up full of “let’s get it done” attitude and a dash of goofing around to compliment the hard work. All in all, id say to wrap up our day in one phrase, it would be “oh how lucky we are”


First photo: the beautiful sunset we got to enjoy

second photo: from the left, Emily, Me, Trey, Noah goofing around while trying to focus really hard on clean up

Third photo: the amazing dolphins shot by our very own Dylan Hardt