Location: 9*18.937' S 71*56.585' E

Howdy friends! Another day in the middle of the big blue… I woke up today feeling beyond refreshed after an incredible sunset, a 12-4:00 am watch with watch team one filled with good conversation, and a rejuvenating morning nap. The passage is feeling so routine and regular. It’s hard to think that the last time I was skipper, we were headed off on our first overnight sail. I’m in awe every day of how quickly we adapt as a group and roll with the punches. We have grown so much and have started working as one unit, everyone pulling twice their own weight. It really is miraculous to witness 31 strangers become more than family in a matter of weeks.

Today was relatively lowkey in the morning with lots of sleeping, movies, reading, and chess. Cate and I got some good tea and movie time, waking up early to watch 27 dresses before our watch groups were needed back on deck. After the slow morning start, we all perked up quite a bit at lunch, discovering that instead of two classes, we were going to be having seamanship and getting CLEAN SHEETS. Only Sam seemed a little upset by this, but it was only because he had washed his sheets about an hour prior to lunch. All in all, clean bunks are for sure something to cheer about.

Directly after some dish cleaning and deck scrubbing, watch team one set to our motto of “getting stuff done” and got the fish up for the first time. I didn’t know what the fisherman sail was prior to this trip, but for those reading, it’s the upside-down one in the picture! We were stuck in some slow winds, and the idea was to get as much sail up as possible to get us headed in the right direction. To no prevail though, our speed did not increase more than half a knot, but it was still worth raising the fish for some good sail experience.

We discovered this afternoon that we were still in a bit of the high-pressure system still and that the Seychelles were starting to look further and further away. There was a lot of spitballing of problem-solving ideas in Captain Bravesley’s quarters as he was working the problem, but after an afternoon of hard work and dedication from the staff, the propeller is fixed! This came as a crazy shock to everyone, as we had all finally fully accepted our beautiful fate of two more weeks of sail. With the engine running, that two weeks is now cut to a mere 7 days. Everyone always says the grass is greener on the other side, and I think for some of us, that is really true. Angie had mentioned today during squeeze that she almost wished the engine didn’t start just for the opportunity to continue to sail, but I think at the end of the day, everyone is happy. Either way, the vibes on the boat are so positive and encouraging, and everyone is taking the news in stride.

Headed off to watch for the night!

Friends and fam back in the states, I love and miss you all!


1: Vela with all but one sail up, shot and edited by Dylan!

2: Val, Martin, Bee, Myra, Danar, and Zack, all trying to preserve their night vision by closing their eyes

3: Mo and Fin hanging out during dinner (also taken by Dyl)