Location: 8*49.758' S 69*04.012' E

Greetings friends family! I woke up feeling great after a full night of rest. My team started out the morning by taking down the mainsail with little problems. The morning continued with some quick crafty fixing of the washy buckets by watch team 3. My crew-mates seem to have become more and more used to the everyday life out at sea. After my watch team’s early morning watch, I had a few hours to enjoy a movie and take a nap.


For lunch, the chefs whipped up a delicious meal of crepes. What made the meal interesting was all the different possible topping combos, my personal favorite was the Nutella and peanut butter. After lunch, Jess led the class on how to correctly do a boat check since some of us on watch were struggling to do so. I enjoyed that quick lecture because I learned new skills related to the engine check. Next, we had a relaxed leadership class that included the continued feature of the film “Coach Carter”. Before this class, I had never seen the film but I have to say I really like the movie. The point of watching the movie is to analyze coach Carter’s leadership and how the leadership style affects his high school basketball team. I found this interesting because of how I can relate this to my life experiences and becoming a better leader.

After classes had subsided, my watch team quickly cleaned ourselves up (took a shower, got ready for dinner), and got up on deck to get a quick boat watch in before dinner. I got to helm and steer Vela which I find very relaxing. To end the day we had an amazing dinner of french fries and potato wedges. It was nice to sit back and enjoy some laughter with people I can truly call family while heading off into the sunset.



1. Ian and Danar

2. Trey

3. Starboard pin rail gang