Location: Underway to the Seychelles

Hello All!


Another great day aboard, Vela. Not too much to report as of now. We are pretty much settled into passage life and soaking up its final moments before we arrive in the Seychelles.

Watch carried on, as usual, the moon and stars were one could say out of this world, and very calm evening and early morning of motoring. Come to lunch, Angie and Zac whipped up a delicious meal of Lo mein. After lunch, we all gathered for a riveting seamanship class with Elle and Smudge. We learned about the tides and how they affect the movement of the boat. Leoni then stepped in to teach us about ocean chemistry for our oceanography class. The class was followed by a chill late afternoon and early evening, where many decided to catch up on schoolwork, read, watch a movie, or hang out on deck. There were scattered dance parties throughout the day, beginning first with watch team 2 and Finley djing, and another this evening with watch team 1 and smudge on aux. We ended the night we some minestrone and ginger snap cookies and a marvelous sunset, a great end to any night!

That’s all for now! Hope everyone is well at home!

(Happy birthday 21st Liz, sorry to miss it, party hard! -Valentina)



1. Dishy pit

2. The world’s best dryer’s

2. Henry on the helm